Is Ram Charan responsible for Sonu Sood's ouster?

Is Ram Charan responsible for Sonu Sood's ouster?

The controversies over the 'Zanjeer' remake don't end
Is Ram Charan responsible for Sonu Sood's ouster?

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In a shocking turn of events, Sonu Sood has been dropped from 'Zanjeer' like a hot potato! And this has happened even as the film is due for its last schedule with over 75 per cent of shooting complete.

Sonu was injured during a CCL match in Dubai last week and had suffered multiple fractures. He had been advised six weeks bed rest. In the past, filmmakers have put their schedules on hold when an important actor fell ill or was out of action.

However, Sonu, who was playing the role of Sher Khan (played by Pran in the original), was thrown out overnight! A source from the sets says, "Apoorva tried his best to work his way around Sonu's accident but has now decided that he will have to be replaced, since getting the coordinated dates of Sanjay Dutt, Priyanka Chopra and Ramcharan Teja again would be impossible."

What's strange is that neither Sanjay Dutt nor Priyanka Chopra seemed to be complaining. Yet, Ramcharan, while expressing concern over Sonu's fractured leg, also spoke of his date concerns. Now we hear that it is he who's helping Apoorva to find a replacement for Sonu!

Well we guess Sonu's only consolation right now is buddy Salman Khan. The Khan has offered Sonu his role in the Bollywood remake of a Marathi film, by Mahesh Manjrekar.