IIFA Awards Special

IIFA Awards Special

The highlights from the big night at Macau
IIFA Awards Special
Music workshop

Superstar Alert The excitement had reached its peak. We almost felt we were in India given the number of Bollywood fans and Indian media persons around! Each time a star was spotted anywhere near the lobby fans would go berserk. Of course most actors had their bodyguards around them and it was impossible to get anywhere close to them! Amidst the madness, we had the opportunity to meet two legends – Chiranjeevi and Kamal Haasan. It was the high point of our trip!

Music Workshop We all love music but how many people actually know the hard work that goes behind composing and marketing a song? That's what Sonu Nigam, Javed Akhtar and Lalit Pandit educated us about in this workshop. Sonu should have been an anchor! He was funny, candid and knew how to hold the attention of the audience. He was also a great mimic. His imitation of Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan and other singers had us in splits. Javedsaab, also a wonderful speaker took us on a journey of film music regaling everyone with tales of SD Burman, Kishore Kumar and other legends. Sonu, Javedsaab and Lalit even composed a song, in a matter of minutes in front of the audience! After the workshop, we left to meet Madhuri at the Gulab Gang meet.

Abhishek's Sweet Gesture Soon it was time for the awards. The first performance of the night was that of Junior B who made a grand entry with a troupe of Bhangra dancers. Later, when he walked up to receive the best comic actor trophy, he made a special reference to three people who mattered to him the most. It wasn't his dad, mum and wife Ash but his driver, make-up man and the main member of his staff!


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