"I am looking forward to performing at the Masala! Awards"

Tanaaz Irani reveals what she's got planned for the big night on December 17
"I am looking forward to performing at the Masala! Awards"
Tanaaz Irani

Tanaaz Irani's going to be one of the star performers at the Masala! Awards happening December 17 at Atlantis, The Palm, and the vivacious entertainer certainly has an evening to remember planned for Dubai's audiences. We got chatting with her to give you a sneak peek at what to expect on the Awards night.

What will you be performing at the awards?
We want the show to be really peppy and entertaining that's why I have chosen songs like Mehbooba and have then moved on to hip hop numbers.

What are you planning to wear at the show?

My performance clothes were designed by Reza Shariss who did my clothes when I did 'Nach Baliye'. For the hip hop number I picked up an outfit from Hong Kong. I am wearing Neeta Mulchandani's outfits when I am hosting the event. My hair and make-up artistes are being flown down from Mumbai.

We've heard that you are starting a dance school in Dubai.

Yes, we are going to set up the T&B Dance academy in Dubai next year. This idea came to us (Tanaaz and her hubby Bakhtiyaar) when we would perform in Dubai and people would come up and tell us that we should have a dance school there. Finally we have our plans in place and it's going to be a very unique dance academy where we will teach steps in such a way that it will fit in seamlessly with a particular song. There will be special sessions for kids, all-women's classes and so on.