Hrithik shows his humane side

Hrithik shows his humane side

The actor pays for the treatment of a quadriplegic
Hrithik shows his humane side

Hrithik Roshan

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Hrithik Roshan showed that he is not only a hero on screen but off it too. He's going all out to help Rafat Siddique, a girl who's diagnosed with quadriplegia after meeting with an accident in 2009. Souces say her family was not only having a difficult time monetarily but they were also finding it impossible to make travel arrangements for her to go to the doctor's clinic which was far off from her home.

That's when Duggu came to the rescue. According to sources, "The moment Hrithik got to know about the girl from the physical rehabilitation clinic therapist, Dr Indu Tandon, who trained him during the time of Guzaarish, he sprang into action. He's made arrangements for an apartment for Rafat close to the hospital for her treatment and has also spent close to Dhs10,000 for the rent and brokerage of the apartment."

Dr Tandon thought of Hrithik when Rafat asked her if she could help her out since the financial part was getting too much. In addition to travelling every week to meet her doctor, she had to be brought down two floors and then lifted into a taxi to reach the clinic. From what we hear, Hrithik has also asked the doctor to continue with Rafat's physiotherapy sessions for which he would foot the bill.