Hrithik Roshan's balancing act between fans and family

The superhero spends New Year's with both fans in India and family in Bangkok
Hrithik Roshan's balancing act between fans and family

Hrithik Roshan

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Earlier, we reported on Hrithik's special New Year plans with his family; his holiday destination being the Thai capital, Bangkok. But apparently, Hrithik decided he wanted to kick start his year balancing his time between fans and family! On December 31, before leaving for Bangkok, Hrithik shook a leg to bid farewell to 2012 at the Saifai Mahotsav, Uttar Pradesh.

He finished his performance at 1:30am but faced some trouble getting to Bangkok, where his family was already awaiting him. Due to the chilly winter in Uttar Pradesh, the temperature had dropped to four degrees, creating heavy fog. Due to this Hrithik couldn't travel to Delhi and catch his scheduled flight. But being the complete family man that he is, he rushed down to Mumbai instead and took the next flight available to Bangkok to welcome the New Year with his loved ones. See, he isn't only a superhero just in movies, but also in real life.

Not only did he do that to make it on time, but also welcomed 2013 in style: Hrithik hired a private yacht to party with his family. A source confirms, "There was music and dancing on the yacht and not only Hrithik but his entire family grooved to foot-tapping numbers! His surprise brought true smiles on their faces" Isn't that adorable?. Nothing makes our hearts happier than a hunky family man.


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