How is Rajesh Khanna a top taxpayer?

How is Rajesh Khanna a top taxpayer?

He's even ahead of Amitabh Bachchan
How is Rajesh Khanna a top taxpayer?

Rajesh Khanna

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As he is not one of the highest earning people, it comes as a big surprise that Rajesh Khanna was among the top five taxpayers, even ahead of Amitabh Bachchan.

Khanna reportedly paid 6.87 crores as tax and was ranked fifth in the list while Big B paid 1.25 crores.

How did Khanna manage to pay so much when his current earnings do not match Bachchan's?

Apparently, Rajesh Khanna was on the list of income tax defaulters a few years back. He even had to move out of Aashirwad, his Carter Road bungalow, as the property was 'attached'.

According to sources Khanna has now cleared all his tax liabilities till September 2008.

He has some properties on Carter Road and Madh Island and a couple of them in Chennai. He is also a partner at Filmalaya studios. Khanna sold some of these properties and thus entered the list of top tax payers.