Hot beauty must-haves by CARGO

Hot beauty must-haves by CARGO

We list three essential products to keep your skin beautifully hydrated this winter!
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Hot beauty must-haves by CARGO

With winter upon us, the one thing we need to do is moisturize and protect our skin from becoming unsightly and too dry.CARGO at Sephora has come up with an amazing new range of products that do just that and we can't wait to get our hands on them!

Protect your lips with this long wear lip gloss! It's loaded with Vitamin E and shining agents that provide your lips with added moisture as well as giving you a brilliant, luscious finish.

Cargo's smudge proof 'Glitter Top Coat' is a quick way to take your look from day to night with just one sweep while keeping your eyes looking dazzling! With its magic tip that helps you draw the perfect line and a hint of sparkle, get that perfect evening look where ever you are in an instant!

Bask in the glow of luminous skin with CARGO'S award winning bronzer 'HydraBronze'! With Hylauronic Acid that provides deep hydration, this bronzer is a must have especially during the dry winter months.