Get perfect lips

Merle Norman has just the tips you need!
Get perfect lips

Want to be ready with the perfect lips for the perfect picture. Merle Norman has the lip tips for you!

Daily Lip Tips

Scrub away dry flaky skin with Merle Norman Lip Exfoliator before applying lip color

Protect and perfect lips throughout the day with Lip Conditioner SPF 15

Choose natural-toned liner and hold it at an angle. Use the side, not the point, of the liner and run it against lips for flawless application

Trace a 'v' on the center of upper lip to enhance the cupid's bow

Follow entire lip line using short, feathery strokes

Avoid inner corners of lips for the most natural effect

Create the perfect shape

Add Fullness
Erase natural lip line with concealer

To create a "new" lip line, trace natural-toned liner just outside of concealer

Fill in lips with a medium shade of lip color; avoid dark colors as they have a tendency to "shrink" lips

Dab gloss in the center of lips; the shine reflects light so lips immediately look fuller