Food For the Soul

Food For the Soul

Warm, comfort food with flavour and bite can spice-up your Diwali with zing… why stay in and cook when you can go to Barbecue Delights and gorge on these delectable nibbles?
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Food For the Soul

Authentic Pakistani and Afghani food is at your fingertips with Barbecue Delights in Lamcy Square and JBR walk. Navigating through the narrow streets of Kabul or Lahore is not necessary at all to get a taste of that delicious flavour and bite!

Understated, clean décor, a warm and an open kitchen with a team of culinary magicians preparing succulent and savoury kebabs, makes this joint a must-visit. The unrivalled charcoaled-based barbecued food and excellent service are what set this joint apart from its contemporaries. With a wide variety of meat, specialised curry dishes from Pakistan, Afghanistan and North India, the restaurant is extremely popular amongst the Indians and Pakistanis living or travelling to Dubai as well as local UAE nationals, Europeans and other Arab ex-pats. High quality ingredients and aromatic spices individually selected by a team of seasoned chefs with spices such as red chilies, garlic, ginger, garam masala, and coriander seeds will tantalise your taste buds. What’s more, if you’re not a meat eater, there are fab vegetarian specialities for you!

Non-Veg Delight: The Afghani Tikka and Mutton Ribs are amazing and the signature Fish Tikka always receives innumerable rave reviews.
Veggie Delight: Palak Paneer, tangy and spicy Khattay Baingan and Aloo Zeera, (sauted potatoes with cumin seeds).

Dinner buffet starting from 7pm for AED 65 in JBR, In Lamcy at AED 50 on weekdays and AED 55 on weekends. The JBR outlet opens at 8am on Fridays and offers an elaborate breakfast buffet till 11:30am – a pleasant change from your cereal and milk breakfast.