Does Emraan play a bank robber in 'Ghanchakkar'?

Speculations arise after the actor shoots an intense scene in a real bank
Does Emraan play a bank robber in 'Ghanchakkar'?

Emraan Hashmi

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Earlier, we wrote about Emraan Hashmi's growing fan following and how the actor risked shooting at a railway station for 'Ghanchakkar' despite the mob. So it comes as no surprise that Emraan and the team of 'Ghanchakkar' recently chose a real location once again to shoot a scene!
Apparently, Emraan had to shoot at a bank. The team managed to procure permission to shoot at a real bank and not on a set. Interestingly, nobody in the bank got disturbed considering it was a working day! Director Raj Kumar Gupta confirms, "We made sure not to cause any hindrance to customers in the bank and carried out the shoot very systematically."
Though Gupta refuses to say anything about Emraan's character in the film, sounds like 'Ghanchakkar' includes a bank robbery! But considering the unit is shooting at real time locations – a bank, a station, a hotel – we wonder how long he will manage to keep Emraan's character identity hidden! While the director has beefed up security around Emraan for sure, it's not that difficult to deduce where the story is going Maybe one should ask Vidya Balan (who stars opposite Emraan) for a clue!


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