Deepika Padukone's a foodie!

Deepika Padukone's a foodie!

The star, who doesn't believe in diets, reveals how she maintains her gorgeous bod
Deepika Padukone's a foodie!

Deepika Padukone

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Deepika Padukone may be one of the fittest actresses in Bollywood but she does not believe in starving herself. In fact, Deepy is a self-confessed foodie.

"I love food. I love trying out different types of cuisine. I love eating in different kinds of restaurants, trying out new things and I think I have the luxury to do that because I travel a lot," Deepika said at the launch of a food magazine in Mumbai.

She feels staying fit is about following the right diet.

"It's about eating correctly, healthy and eating what suits your body. I don't believe in dieting. For me, diet is about eating correctly and eating healthy," Deepika said.

Well, considering how she looks, we're on board with Deepy's diet plan!