'Dabangg 2' - Review

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'Dabangg 2' - Review

Set in Kanpur, 'Dabangg 2' continues showcasing the heroic deeds of our favourite Chulbul Pandey whose mission is to wipe out a horrible villain. In this sequel, the extraordinary 'Robinhood Pandey' has been transformed into an even more magnificent, larger-than-life 'Kung Fu Pandey'. However, the only complaint we can make is that we find the storyline to be a bit clich and over-over-done.

Salman builds up a mind-blowing performance and his action scenes seem effortless and flawless. He plays his role with his typical style and attitude, and wins over the audiences' hearts once again. Sonakshi Sinha as his wife Rajjo, acts MUCH better in this film as compared to her debut in 'Dabangg' in 2010. However, the 'Dabangg' saga focuses more on Salman's unique character, leaving Sonakshi as just eye-candy.

The music of the sequel has the same feel as the first part, and the choreography is pretty similar too. None of the songs of 'Dabangg 2' are extremely catchy except for 'Fevicol Se', which only did well because of Kareena Kapoor's appearance and not the music or lyrics. The UP accent and style of dialogue were still there which kept us entertained.

Director-Producer Arbaaz Khan keeps up with the expectations of this film. He has directed the film so well that it is hard to believe that it is his first venture into directing.

'Dabangg 2' is a pure entertainer, much like all other Salman Khan flicks! Those who enjoyed the first part will definitely enjoy the sequel as well.


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