Caught on camera

Stunning snapshots from Dabboo Ratnani's much-acclaimed annual calendar
Caught on camera
Hrithik Roshan

I shot this image early last year. It's always a pleasure to work with Aishwarya because she puts so much effort into her shoot and brings something different out in herself in every picture. Over the years I have done lots of close-up shots of Ash but this one stands out – the mood, the lighting and the expression. everything turned out perfectly! We used a mix of film lights as well as my own lighting which has given the image a unique tone. Interestingly, it took us only about 15 minutes to get the perfect look. Ash absolutely loved the picture and I loved capturing her face through my lens again.

I shot with him after he completed Agneepath. He had been working out to build his physique for Krissh and looked in great shape. When I met him, I couldn't think of anything else but a body shot! Hrithik works very hard. Both of us love pushing each other until we get the best results.

We did this shoot in his gym. Normally, we use indoor lights for body shots but this time we tried natural lighting. Personally, I love pictures in natural light; the results are often more interesting than the ones taken with studio lights