Bollywood's Most Eligible Women

Bollywood's Most Eligible Women

Masala! reveals the sizzling single ladies as ranked by you
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Bollywood's Most Eligible Women
Sonakshi Sinha

Number 13: Sonakshi Sinha

Age: 23

Relationship Record: Aditya Shroff Current Squeeze: Single

Sex Appeal: Young and exotic, Sonakshi has a great lineage, a fabulous debut and lots of luck and love in her corner. She is innocent but has a mind of her own, even going as far as to say that she will not expose unnecessarily, no matter the film or the role. Well, with a head this strongly screwed on to her shoulders and a proven screen presence that audiences all over have loved and appreciated, there isn't much that is not sexy about this young 'un.

Number 11: Vidya Balan

Age: 33

Relationship Record: Shahid Kapoor

Current Squeeze: Single

Sex Appeal: Who can forget those mesmerising almond eyes, hooded and beckoning, in Parineeta? Vidya Balan launched herself into celluloid as the quintessential Indian temptress who could seduce any man with a mere glance and no skin exposed. That mystique endures - simple, earthy and a brilliant actress, Vidya is a powerhouse in more ways than one. Her ability to steal the limelight when acting with such stalwarts as the Big B and Naseeruddin Shah, has made her one of the names to truly reckon with in B'wood.

Number 5: Deepika Padukone

AGE: 25

Relationship record: Nihar Pandya, Yuvraj Singh and Ranbir Kapoor

Current Squeeze: Siddharth Mallya

Sex Appeal: Let's begin with those long, long legs and then move on to those enviable abs, that dimpled smile and her doe-like eyes. Ms Padukone's killer looks can send any hot-blooded man's pulse into overdrive. She is poised and strikes the right balance between siren and coy damsel – a killer combo in any guy's books! Professionally, she's going great guns, with the hottest films and endorsements in her kitty.

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