Bollywood steps for Sunny Leone

Masala! gives her a helping hand to become a B'wood dancing diva
Bollywood steps for Sunny Leone

It looks like Sunny Leone is here to stay. After tasting success with Jism 2 and signing up for an Ekta Kapoor film, the adult movie star is looking at a long innings in Bollywood. Why else would she sign up for dancing lessons with choreographer-director Shabina Khan? Sources say Sunny has been working hard to get her jhatkas and matkas right as our photographic evidence certainly proves. Well, Sunny seems to have realised that while her 'skills' have fetched her lots of publicity, to succeed in T'town it's imperative to know dancing. Now, whether this training will help her become the next Sheila or Chameli remains to be seen but for now, she better learn the following steps to become a true item girl!


Perhaps Sunny can approach Madhuri Dixit for tips. The Dhak Dhak step is all about heaving your bosom to the rhythm of the song accompanied by some heavy breathing. It will be a cakewalk for Sunny who proved her ability to breathe in Jism 2.


Only Govinda can train her in a step that he has virtually patented! To master this move, Sunny needs to give her chest some rest and shake her hip in one direction with enough force that she will needs hip replacement surgery!


She should consult Katrina Kaif who is a pro at shaking her taut abs. Of course, the only thing Sunny will have to be wary of is calling herself Sheila or Chameli! Ms Kaif wouldn't like competition especially from someone, who like her, can't speak Hindi or act!


Malaika Arora Khan's Munni in Dabangg displayed how rubbing balm on your sides can actually be a hit Bollywood dance move! If Sunny can do it better than Malaika (a tough task indeed), then we can truly say we have a new item queen in town!


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