Bipasha's negative aura

Bipasha's negative aura

Is John to blame?
Bipasha's negative aura

Bipasha Basu

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Bipasha is surrounded by too much negativity. We are not saying this but it's what an aura reader declared about the actress when the two met at the trailer launch of her next horror film 'Aatma'. Bips managed to get a brief reading of herself and discovered some startling details, reveals a source present at the launch. "It pointed out that her past doesn't allow her to grow in her career. A lot of emotional turmoil could have been instrumental in keeping her away from her goal."
In fact, what's worse is that Bipasha had once revealed a dark secret about feeing stuck and claustrophobic to her friend. Does this mean the bitter break up with John has emotionally scarred the actress?
BIps doesn't deny his influence on her life. In fact, when a leading daily recently asked her something about John, the actress stunned everyone with her reply: "Who? I don't know that person"
Time and again, Bipasha has been evading the topic of meeting an astrologer or a tarot reader. But with this shocking news, the actress apparently wants to know more. She now wants to meet this reader to know why this is happening to her!