Bipasha's complex love life

Bipasha's complex love life

Post her break-up with John Abraham, Bips seems to have TWO men in her life
Bipasha's complex love life
Rana has been a 'good friend' through it all

Bipasha Basu

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Break-ups are hard, especially when relationships that have lasted nearly a decade come to an end. John seems to have moved on with his new investment banker girlfriend, Priya Marwah, but Bips' love life status is still up in the air. There have been several rumours doing the rounds about a certain Mr Dagubatti and another certain Shahid Kapoor, but no one has come right out and confirmed anything regarding the matter.

Shahid and Bips were allegedly on the brink of something serious with them almost taking things to the next level but rumour has it that Mr Sasha is still smarting from his last break-up (with PC?) and wants to take his time getting into a relationship. How does Bips feel about this, one may ask. It looks like La Basu is doing okay with Sasha's commitment phobic ways and is being comforted by the masculine and very eligible arms of Mr Rana Dagubatti. Let's see where this love triangle is headed in the future!