Bigg Boss, October 6 - Preview

Bigg Boss, October 6 - Preview

The weekly nominations and a new task...
Bigg Boss, October 6 - Preview

A day before the nominations, the housemates wake up as Bigg Boss plays "Behta hai mann kahin" song from the movie "Chameli".

Raja gets a haircut from Zulfi one day prior to the nominations.
The day ends with Diana giving it back to Rahul for calling her 'daadi'.

On the day of the nominations, the housemates wake up as Bigg Boss plays the 'Deedar De" song from the movie "Dus". All the housemates get ready as today is the long awaited nomination day.

Bigg Boss announces that the nomination procedure will start soon.
The nomination procedure begins and each and every housemate goes into the confession room to declare whom they want to nominate. After the nominations, Bigg Boss announces who all have been nominated this week.

The housemates discuss the nominations. Meanwhile, the nominees try to figure out who nominated them and what could be the reason for the same.

While this is going on, Bigg Boss gives the housemates this week's weekly task. For the next 3 days, the housemates will have to perform a "Modern Family Drama" for an audience in the age group of 12-50 years.

The task demands that every housemate should have a prominent role and that the drama should demonstrate different kind of emotions. Also, there should be 2 songs in the drama.

Big Boss also gives them a white board wherein they can write the script and whenever the alarm is played they have to start the task.

With difficulty, the housemates finalise a plotline for the drama basically suggested by Zulfi. The rehearsal for the task begins and the housemates perform the drama which turns out to be very hilarious.

Later, Zulfi and Diana discuss how this play also reflects different emotions in the Big Boss house.

Yet another vigorous day wraps up.

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