Bigg Boss 7 Latest News: Day 102 - Surprise Entry of an Ex House Member!

Bigg Boss 7 Latest News: Day 102 - Surprise Entry of an Ex House Member!

The finale of Bigg Boss 7 is getting closer! Find out which ex house member re-entered the house and how Sangram Singh was targeted once again!
Bigg Boss 7 Latest News: Day 102 - Surprise Entry of an Ex House Member!

27 December 2013, Day 102

Kushal Tandon’s elimination leads to Gauhar and Ajaz's new friendship
Since the day Kushal got eliminated, Gauhar has been pretty upset about it. However, Ajaz Khan always makes jokes to make her feel better. Gauhar ould never talk to Ajaz when Kushal was inside the house and the couple would either avoid Ajaz or pick fights with him. With Kushal out of the house, Gauhar and Ajaz are back to being friends. They were messing around and laughing together, also celebrated Christmas together on the show!

Sangram Singh targeted once again!
Bigg Boss gave a task to all house members for Christmas.  The task was that each house member had to write two good habits and two bad habits about one another anonymously. Even though it was anonymous, it was pretty obvious who wrote what for  each other. For instance, one bad quality about Tanisha was that she is judgmental, obviously Gauhar wrote it for her. However, Sangram Singh was targeted as the house inmates were upset because he wrote harsh things about everyone. His handwriting style was quite evident and everyone quickly recognized that it was Sangram who wrote all this. For instance, for Gauhar he wrote that she always thinks she’s right and does not like to listen to anyone.

Ajaz and Sangram fight, again!
After the task ended, everyone was pretty upset with Sangram. As Gauhar said, “You try to be the angel around the house but clearly you are something else.” Ajaz also supported Gauhar which annoyed Sangram. The discussion goes further in the garden area between Tanisha, Ajaz and Sangram. It later leads to an argument between Sangram and Ajaz. Ajaz says the same thing, that Sangram pretends to be someone else and behind their backs he is someone completely different. Sangram as usual tries to justify himself and says that he just wants to make everyone happy. Tanisha replies, “If you make one person happy, another one will be upset. You certainly cannot make two people happy at once, especially here.” Later in the show, Sangram and Ajaz make up and shake hands.

Surprise entry of an old house member!
Guess who got back in the house? Elli Avram surprises everyone when she re-enters the Bigg Boss house. All the house inmates hug her and tell her how much they miss her. Elli brings gifts for all the house inmates sent by their family members and friends. Ajaz  gets nihari from his mum as he was desperate for it throughout the show; Sangram receives a love letter from his girlfriend Payal; Gauhar receives a letter from her mother which brings tears to her eyes and Tanisha receives four gifts altogether! Tanisha got a bouquet of flowers from her so called ‘friend’ Armaan Kohli, also he sent a cake for her saying ‘Miss you, Merry Christmas, from Armaan’. There were also receives lots of chocolates and food from her family. Elli and Sangram catch up as and she says, “I really hope you win the show Sangram, I want you to win it!” Elli’s presence definitely bought a positive energy inside the house. As Sangram says, “Elli has bought a different energy inside the house, I feel positive.” Ajaz agrees with Sangram, “Yes, let’s just enjoy 2 more days in the house without any drama.”