'Bigg Boss 5' Update - Day 87

'Bigg Boss 5' Update - Day 87

Mahek Chahal's suspicions about Sky, and Amar Upadhyay's apology
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'Bigg Boss 5' Update - Day 87
Mahek Chahal

The day opens on a very lively song 'Tunak Tunak' to which every contestant is seen grooving. The Punjabi song hits off a conversation between the two Punjabi kudis in the house – Mahek Chahal and Sunny Leone.

Mahek asks Sunny about which part of Punjab she belongs to and the two also talk about Sunny's extended family staying in a remote part of Punjab.

As the day progresses, Amar Upadhyay, Sidharth Bhardwaj and Mahek discuss who will leave the house in the coming weekend. Mahek starts talking about Sky and his self-centered attitude. The trio continue to discuss how Sky (Akashdeep Sehgal) would use steroids once out of the house to get back in shape as he's lost his bulky figure after being there.

Sunny, while talking to Sky, mentions how she watched the show before entering and how she would only and solely watch fights throughout the show.

Bigg Boss gives the housemates a chance to watch one of their moments in the house, where Amar gets to watch his fight with Pooja Misrra over bangles. After watching the clip, Amar starts feeling bad and is upset over how he fought with Pooja . He apologizes to the entire house and and says that he totally agrees with Salman Khan, who'd said that fights look pathetic.

Soon after Amar apologizes to the trio, he walks out of the garden area to the room as he begins to feel awkward. Sky pacifies him saying that all of them have behaved just the same and that he does not need to feel awkward about any of it.

Soon Sky is seen talking to Mahek, Amar and Sidharth about last weekend when he was ready to leave the house. He mentions how Juhi Parmar had unintentionally triggered his actions by telling him that he had been insulted way too many times on the show.

As the conversation takes a different turn, Mahek tells Sky that all that happens on 'Bigg Boss' is just and fair. No one contestant is favoured or looked down upon.

In the evening, Juhi gets to watch one of her moments too and the moment she chooses is to watch her jail task clip.

As the day ends, Sky suspects Amar and Sidharth of receiving a secret task and talks to Juhi about it.