'Bigg Boss 5' Update - Day 24

'Bigg Boss 5' Update - Day 24

It was a fight-to-the-finish between Siddharth and Pooja Misrra
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'Bigg Boss 5' Update - Day 24
Siddharth loses his cool with Pooja Misrra

The weekly task of making 500 candles by each team in a short period of time turned out to be quite taxing for the inmates of the 'Bigg Boss 5' house. Some of the housemates got so involved with the task that they ended up staying awake all night!

Siddharth and Lakshmi were working on the candles even early in the morning. Exhausted from all the hard work, Siddharth walked up to Pooja Misrra, who was sleeping, and tried to wake her up. But the model refused to cooperate. This led to Siddharth giving her a piece of his mind and storming out of the room.

He then began discussing the problem with Mandeep. While the two were talking, a sleepy Pooja collided with Siddharth and almost fell down the stairs. She then began abusing Siddharth, accusing him of pushing her with his elbow intentionally! Siddharth lost his cool and abused right back.

Mandeep tried to intervene and explain to Pooja that it was a genuine accident, not an intentional slight! But Pooja and Siddharth still kept going at each other, until they were forcefully kept away.

When Shraddha asked Siddharth what was going on, he told her that their team was falling quite short of resources as Pooja Misrra and Mandeep were not contributing to the task. The two then began discussing a solution.

After a while, an upset Pooja walked up to Amar Upadhyay to share the story of her fight with Siddharth. Amar listened to her but refused to take any action against Siddharth as he felt it was unfair for him to comment since he wasn't there when the incident occured. On hearing this, Pooja lost her temper completely and accused Amar of being an unfair, self centered and heartless guy!

Amar was very patient until Pooja's harsh comments. He then called her mentally instable and said that she needed medical help.

Things didn't stay calm after that either. Pooja Bedi and Mahek were chatting in the verandah when they were interrupted by Shraddha. She lashed out at Pooja telling her that even her children would be ashamed of their 45-year-old mother trying to look and act younger than she was. This made Pooja furious, and she told Shraddha, very sternly, to mind her own business.

To calm things at the end, Bigg Boss requested the housemates to at least maintain some peace during the festival of lights and try to live with each other in some harmony. He also told the housemates that they were in for a pleasant surprise very soon!

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