Bhatts to make a film on Anand Jon

Bhatts to make a film on Anand Jon

Many filmmakers interested in disgraced designer's story
Bhatts to make a film on Anand Jon
Pooja and Mahesh Bhatt

Pooja Bhatt

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It's just been a week or so since Anand Jon was sentenced to 59 years of imprisonment on charges of rape, but Mahesh Bhatt and daughter Pooja Bhatt have already decided to make a film based on the life of the disgraced Beverley Hills designer, who is of Indian origin.

Ever since Anand's case was up in the court for sexual misbehaviour, Pooja had wanted to make a film. But now that he has been sentenced, the Bhatts feel the time is right.

Speaking about the same, Mahesh Bhatt said that Anand's life will only be a reference for his film and the story in entirety will not be based on his life.

It will be a story about a young middle class Indian, who is thrown into the world of fashion and design and how he gets caught in the bizarre world of drugs and success and is ultimately left in a dark lane. It is about innumerable young men who go to any extent just to achieve power and position in the world.

Sanjana, Anand's sister, has confirmed the news that many Bollywood and Hollywood directors have approached them to give them rights for the film but the Bhatts were the first ones. Sanjana said that she and Anand would take the final call on whom to sell the rights.