Baby Bachchan's naming ceremony ahead

Baby Bachchan's naming ceremony ahead

The private gathering for Abhi-Ash's girl will probably happen over Christmas
Baby Bachchan's naming ceremony ahead
Plans for baby Ash-Abhi's name revealed!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

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Baby Bachchan is already creating quite the news tidal wave. The tiny tot's name has twitter abuzz with papa Abhishek Bachchan inviting his followers to suggest names for his baby girl. Apparently, the baby girl's name, which, we are sure, will be extremely different and exotic, is all set to be announced and celebrated in an intimate naming ceremony around Christmas.

The ceremony will probably be very private with only their nearest and dearest present. Reportedly, the caterer has already been finalised and the menu will include only vegetarian dishes with a smattering of South Indian offerings as well.

Apparently, everyone in the family is coming up with a set of names each and then, we're guessing, that whatever is the most popular and agreed upon will be the chosen name! We all remember what Ash constantly says: that the Bachchan household is a very democratic one with everyone voting on what should be. We can't wait to hear the final decision of course. Watch this space for more!