Authentic desi chai

Authentic desi chai

Enjoy a wide range of desi chai at Tea Junction
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Authentic desi chai

If you miss the flavours of hot Indian chai, then look no further than Tea Junction. A warm ambiance matched with an interesting tea, food and sheesha menu is just the recipe for a chilled out time with your friends and family. With a large variety of tea and sheesha flavors to choose from, there is never a dull moment at this eatery in the heart of Bur Dubai.

While surveying the menu filled with tempting options of tea, I ordered the North Indian specialty Kashmiri chai which was served in a matka (clay pot) – a combination of black tea, mix of cardamom, clove and cinnamon and was blended with fresh milk. The rich creamy taste immediately brought back memories of home! My colleague ordered Mumbai's classic cutting chai which was served in a small glass – this was a blend of tea leaves, milk, sugar, ginger, and masala.
After having our fill of tea, we moved on to the sheesha of which there were 25 varieties! The sheeshas had a special touch – all of them had a pinch of tea leaves! I went with the classic Mumbai paan delight sheesha and my colleague chose an exotic blend of cherry-cola sheesha.

After the delish chai and sheesha, it was time for food. The menu surprisingly had a more international feel to it. Since I am a huge pasta fan, I decided to go with the chicken alfredo pasta which was a mix of penne pasta with olives, mushrooms, garlic, cheese and chicken mixed in a creamy delicious pink sauce. The next item was grilled chicken from the hot plates menu – scrumptious chicken bites marinated in TJ's exotic special saffron sauce and grilled to perfection.
How could a meal ever be complete without dessert? So despite feeling full and heavy, we decided to make space for some sweet somethings. The crpes and the ice-creams were equally tempting so I ordered the mouth-watering chocolate syrup crpes whereas my colleague chose TJ's special mocha sundae (special mocha with vanilla ice cream, covered with whipped cream and garnished with chocolate wafer!). Sinful? You bet!
It was a filling meal to say the least and even though we piled on the calories, it was absolutely worth it! If your idea of fun is a complete meal that begins with fulfilling chai and ends with a dessert, you have found your place.