Ameesha upset with TV reporters

Ameesha upset with TV reporters

Their questions made her uncomfortable
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Ameesha upset with TV reporters
Ameesha reacts to a journalist's question at the rehearsal of her New Year's Eve performance

Ameesha Patel

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We all know Ameesha Patel has been signed by the Country Club to dance at one of its New Year's Eve parties in India.

At a practice session yesterday (December 30), Ameesha was left uncomfortable by a few TV reporters.

All was good while the rehearsals were on following which Ameesha wanted to rush back home. But she was stopped by the media to give some sound bytes. The reporters had been invited by the publicity agency of Country Club.

Ameesha, who was without make up, would have normally refused to talk but since it was good for the promotion of Country Club she decided to speak to the media.

Considering the cold state her career is in, she obviously does not have much to talk about. So when questions were asked about her films, she had little to say.

To make matters worse, the media started questioning her about whether it was right for her to dance at the New Year bash when everyone was avoiding parties in the wake of the Mumbai terror attacks.

Ameesha then threw a fit and walked out without speaking to any more media persons.

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