Ajay Devgn's wild side revealed

Ajay Devgn's wild side revealed

The actor was once arrested and put behind bars <br />
Ajay Devgn's wild side revealed

Ajay Devgn

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Before Ajay became 'the' Ajay Devgn, he had his share of wild nights too. And this included old buddy Vindoo Dara Singh, who's now working with him in 'Son of Sardaar'! Once the two of them got into trouble with the law and even had to spend a night in jail. Shocked? Here's how it happened.

It was a few months before the release of Ajay's first movie, 'Phool Aur Kaante', when Ajay, Vindoo and their gang of friends were caught by the local cops. According to Vindoo, they were partying and cruising around in a car. When they drove past Carter Road in Bandra, Ajay and the troop apparently stopped to buy some alcohol. That's when the police spotted the boys, swooped down on them and arrested them!

Poor Ajay tried to convince the cops that they weren't loafers but the cops seemed in no mood to compromise. Ajay didn't dare call home and tell his famous dad Veeru Devgn what had happened or use his father's clout to get free. It was only after spending three or four hours in jail, that Vindoo made a call to his father, the late Dara Singh to get them bailed out!