Abhishek in no mood to sing?

Composers Vishal-Shekhar admit that plans for actor's hip-hop album have been shelved
Abhishek in no mood to sing?
Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan

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Earlier this year it was reported that Junior Bachchan was recording an album with music composers Vishal and Shekhar. But now it appears that the hip-hop album titled 'Side B' has been shelved forever.

The album had been planned three years ago after the massive success of the song 'Right here right now,' for the movie 'Bluffmaster.' Abhishek's rap and swag immediately found favour with the youth. Riding high on the wave, the composers decided to work on a hip-hop album with the actor who seemed equally kicked by the idea.

Later, when the recording actually started in Los Angeles Abhi began to have second thoughts. For one, he felt his vocals weren't good enough and that the songs were missing the 'X factor!' Thus, Abhi's shaky confidence eventually led to the plans for the album being scrapped altogether.
Vishal- Shekhar, confirmed this news to a tablod. "We are definitely not putting out the album. We feel that we have moved on from hip hop plus we took very long to come out with it."

Did they regret all the hard work and time invested in it? "Not at all," they chorus. "We had great fun working with Jr Bachchan and that is enough for us."

Well, Abhi shouldn't lose heart. All he needs to do is take a leaf out of friend and co-star Priyanka Chopra's book on how to record an international album even if no one has heard her sing!


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