Aamir's surfing adventures

Aamir's surfing adventures

The actor has turned into a water baby of late!
Aamir's surfing adventures

Aamir Khan

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Of late Aamir Khan has become more adventurous. Once he got rid of his hydrophobia - after he learnt swimming for Talaash - the actor has been looking for excuses to stay in the water. When in Mumbai, he's a regular at nephew Imran Khan's indoor swimming pool.

Recently, he and wife Kiran Rao spent a fortnight at a beach in Thailand where they participated in several adventure sports, including scuba diving and water surfing. A tabloid reports that Aamir has become an adventure sports junkie and loves the outdoors.

These days, when the actor plans a getaway, he either heads to his bungalow in Panchgani, where he can go for hour-long walks or looks for destinations that offer total privacy coupled with a lot of outdoor activities.

He has also been practising yoga and we know that he has mastered the Sirsasana. Apparently, he can now stand on his head! What next Aamir?