Aamir Khan's short swimming trunks bother Imran

Imran told his uncle to change into more conservative trunks!
Aamir Khan's short swimming trunks bother Imran

Aamir Khan is crazy about swimming ever since he learnt it at the age of 46 for his film 'Talaash'. The actor has taken such a liking to water that he doesn't miss any opportunity to head to his nephew Imran Khan's newly renovated home, NH 24, which has an indoor pool. Even though Imran has no issues about his Mamu coming over to swim whenever he wants, he has just one problem - what Aamir chooses to wear while swimming! A source mentions, "Aamir once got pulled up for wearing extra short trunks, showing off too much of the newly chiseled body that he's acquired for 'Dhoom 3' where he plays a gymnast. Aamir isn't perfect at picking his swimming trunk, but after understanding why Imran asked him to wear something less tantalizing, he has sobered up!"

On one particular day that Aamir decided to show off his sexy physique in a pair of hot trunks, nephew Imran was shocked, especially since there were other family members at home and Imran didn't want them to see Aamir like that! So he quickly asked his uncle to get into something more conservative that's decent to wear at home. Sources say, "Aamir did understand Imran's point and from then on, only wears simple swimwear whenever he's at Imran's pool!" Now this seems to be quite the role reversal - nephew telling uncle what to wear? Gosh Aamir, this is a bit embarrassing... We understand that you finally got your body into shape like the rest of the Khans in Bollywood, but please wear age-appropriate swimwear around your family at least.


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