Aamir Khan to build shelter for women

Aamir Khan to build shelter for women

The socially conscious actor will inaugurate it on January 26
Aamir Khan to build shelter for women
Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan, in keeping with his good Samaritan image has now come to the rescue of women. He has decided to tie up with an NGO to build a palatial shelter for women in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. The shelter is being built to provide support and security for women, especially those who are persecuted for marrying outside their caste or community.

Aamir has apparently donated Rs five crore for the construction of this centre which will be inaugurated on January 26. The actor will be present for the special opening of this shelter that will be run by Snehalaya. This eight-acre facility will be a short term shelter which provides good food, hygienic living conditions along with schooling and medical facilities for girls and women in distress, abandoned girls, pregnant women and those who are ailing. High security will also be provided for these women.

Sources reveal that Aamir decided to come to the aid of these women and help build this shelter after the young couple, Abdul Hakim and Mehwish, were attacked five months after making an appearance on his show 'Satyamev Jayate'. Abdul was gunned down in Uttar Pradesh.


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